Dental Implants: The Solution For Missing Teeth

By Hanna Hanania, DDS, PS

It’s happened to many of us. We’re eating our favorite food, when wham, we chip or break a tooth. Patients have broken their teeth on every food you can think of from potato chips to pizza. It can also happen from incidental contact, playing sports, or roughhousing. Invariably people are stuck with the same problem, how to replace a broken or chipped tooth permanently. Throughout the years patients have been struggling to find a replacement for missing teeth

Dentures have offered a replacement for many decades. However, patients have many complaints against them. An underlying thought is that dentures are for the elderly, not for middleaged or adolescents. The most common complaint is that dentures are not stable, are hard to chew with, and in most cases the dentures look fake.

Another alternative is to use a bridge. Bridges are more stable than dentures, and tend to provide a solution for a few years. However, bridges undermined the adjacent teeth, and throughout the years patients end up losing these teeth as well. Nowadays, the solution available is called dental implants.